Maeva Fages


Welcome to my website, thank you for checking me out. I am Maeva. Born in the southern tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean, I was raised exotically in a magical world allowing me to gravitate toward the invisible realms of this world through highly sensitive perceptions.



When I turned 18 years old, I left that sweet Ocean to continue my adventures in Europe, United States, Africa and the Middle East. Throughout that journey, the most powerful travel I embarked upon is certainly the inner which was initiated in 2003. At that time, Yoga came my way and put me on what became a lifelong path inner adventures. Since that day, I have been studying many yoga & healing traditions.

In 2009, while on duty posting for the United Nations in the Middle East, I started teaching Yoga to wonderful yogis, and many aid workers like me, as a way to nurture grounding and connect to inner calm feelings, which is important when living in a rather challenging environment. Currently based in Geneva, I continue teaching or rather “facilitating” Hatha Flow Yoga & Yin classes in various studios and to cool groups of yogis.

I am a Yoga Alliance® 500 hour certified teacher in Hatha Yoga. I was originally trained with Anusara™ lineage and later continued my yoga explorations through Embodied Flow™. Deeply rooted in the Tantra philosophy, the Embodied Flow™ offers me the possibility to dive further with authenticity and freedom, in the sensations and in the understanding of the body, heart and mind, using yoga, somatic movement and body mind centering as my current doorways. With immense gratitude, I feel blessed to be part of the gang of the Embodied Flow ™ Inspired Teachers.

In addition to my love for art of movement, I am also seduced with non-movement. Madly in love with Yin Yoga and Nidra practices, I blissfully teach Yin Yoga, meditation and Nidra, as I am also certified as a Yin & Nidra Yoga Alliance® 100 hour teacher.

Beyond facilitating Yoga classes, I also work full time as a development & public health professional in low income countries. This career has led me to many countries and experiences throughout the world and has definitely helped my understanding of our human nature at its best but also, sadly, at its worst. This part of my daily life definitely nourishes my yoga practice and offerings which I desire to be deeply rooted in humility, generosity, warmth and in a forever sense of curiosity.

Moreover, to my greatest joy when extra time is available, I also design jewelry, mainly malas and intention based accessories to wear as reminders of personal prayers and dreams. Please, check my other website at

Voilà, that’s me in a few words.

In Gratitude, I bow to my wonderful teachers who have been helping me reveal my authentic Self beyond the veil of the Illusion. In Gratitude, I bow to my amazing and beautiful students, forever my source of joy and inspiration.




Maeva is a fantastic yoga teacher; if you want to practice real yoga, dive inside yourself, connect your physical body to your spirit, this is the place. Maeva is super equipped to explain in details the postures so that you won’t hurt yourself, creating classes that are both deep and funky, helping students have fun while explore their boundaries on all levels.
— Sylvie
Maeva is a fabulous yoga teacher, kind, funny, and loving. She will help with postures and self-love. Her yoga classes are the best known remedy to fight stress, unwind, have a good time, push your boundaries (gently), accept your humanity and connect body and mind. She really is the best!
— Camille